First To Work

Ho'omana partners with Department of Human Services to help Participants of the FTW Program participate in various work activities that emphasize job readiness training, skill-building, adult and vocational education, and employment placement.


Vocational Rehabilitation

Ho'omana provides supportive employment opportunities to those with disabilities by creating or customizing a community based job in a way it can be successfully performed by an individual with disabilities while meeting the needs of the employer

Judicial System Community Service

Ho'omana has partnered with Adult, Juvenile and Drug Court to provide a place for those needing to fulfill the required number of court ordered community service hours.

Besides filling needed hours, we teach job skills.


Scholarship Projects

We have volunteer opportunities for those seeking hours for scholarship and school projects.

Community Volunteers

We welcome anyone looking for ways to volunteer and give back to the community. We have a variety of tasks for people of all ages.  We offer opportunities for families to volunteer together. We've even had visitors come spend time helping in our store.

volunteers needed

Next Steps...

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Ho'omana is a 501c3 non-profit; Federal ID No. 80-0090166