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Ho'omana Meals 2020 - Helping During CV19

When CV19 began, we had just experienced severe flooding on Kaua'i (March 28th) and our Ho'omana Thrift Store was flooded out and we lost 98% of our merchandise and suffered damage to the building.  That did not stop us!

Without a store front, no income coming in, we decided to pivot and continue our outreach to the populations we serve and we went mobile.

Rowena began delivering DOE (Dept. of Education) meals to houseless and displaced keiki in the Wailua/Kapa'a area.

This service began with about 20 keiki at Kamalani Kai, another 10-15 meals for displaced families and those suffering loss of income due to CV19.

This meal service then morphed into collaborating with local business owners like Passion Bakery Cafe, KGEFCU, Domino's Pizza, The Kauai Store, Kauai & Hawaii Food banks,  and so many others to provide meals and food to the houseless.

At one point, Rowena was delivering over 300 meals to Eastside families being brought over by airplane thanks to Malama Meals.

When that service stopped, Rowena was able to network to get Nourish Kaua'i a certified kitchen to use at St Catherine's and Rowena delivered hot meals on Wednesday nights to Kamalani Kai until Crossroads Church took over.

In August 2020, Ho'omana meals will once again be providing 320 meals weekly on Saturday to several (6) area homeless campsites thanks to funding from the CARES Act Grant.

Ho'omana (Rowena) in partnership with Kamealoha Smith (Hanalei River Heritage Foundation) along with Passion Bakery and the help of Sopharonia (Sax) Mahoe and Regina Floyd, will be distributing meals once a week to 5-6 encampments along the East side of Kauai.

We know that it doesn't fully handle the issue of getting food to those in need, but we believe we can make a difference doing OUR part at least 1x a week!

Stay tuned for updates

If you would like to help support our work financially, you can Donate here, OR, if you would like to volunteer to help serve meals each Saturday for the next 5 months - contact Rowena directly or Contact Us Here.