The Faces Of Success At Ho'omana Thrift Store

Meet Makani

He is 26 years old and he has been employed by Safeway for 4 years.

Makani first came to Ho'omana when he was in 9th grade in high school.  Makani wanted to get a job but he didn't yet have the skills he needed to be able to get hired and work.  Ho'omana stepped in to help.

One of our Founders, Rowena, took the time to learn what job skills were required by Safeway and she set out to teach Makani what he would need to know to get the job and succeed at it.

After getting Makani through the interview process and hired, the work and commitment did not stop there. Rowena spent 90 days on the job with Makani making sure he was efficient at his job.  He has been working on his own for 4 years now and loves working at Safeway.

Listen to what Makani's mom Karen shares about the changes she saw in her son as a result of the programs and services Ho'omana provides.

Many Faces of Success At Ho'omana

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