In The Name Of Aloha Benefit Ho'Ike

Ho'omana Kaua'i

We are so very grateful for the support we received at our December Fundraiser.

Words cannot express how blessed we are by you, our ohana, our community.

Ho'omana Huaka'i

Huaka'i means “trip, voyage, journey, mission, procession, parade; to travel.” The term hua also refers to “a seed, offspring, fruit; to bear a child,” while ka'i means “to lead, direct, lift up and carry; to walk or step in a row or proces- sion, or as a child learning to walk.”

Community Based Instruction (CBI) Excursion

Duckie Race

The Great Duckie Race

Field Trip To Mayors Office

If you would like to help support our training programs, please consider a tax deductible donation towards our programs. Mahalo

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