COVID19 Outreach

covid 19 outreach 1

As of March 28, 2020, Ho’omana was flooded out by the most recent rains and flooding the Wailua area.  Since this date, our store has been closed as we’ve been busy clearing out damaged merchandise and repairing various issues with our building. 

Anela has been busy overseeing the cleaning and reconstruction phase of our store while Rowena has been taking her outreach mobile. 

As of April 29, 2020 - Rowena has been part of feeding approximately 120 houseless living the Kamalani Kai Campground of Lydgate, houseless community at Ahukini, another group of 16 or so in Kapahi living in bushes, 18 family members displaced by flooding in houselots, as well as several kupuna (25-30) and other families struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic.  

Rowena picks up Department of Education meals from Kapaa high school 2x daily (M-F) and delivers these meals to the keiki of the families just mentioned.  Each afternoon, she works with Malama Meals to pick up, prepare and deliver meals the above mentioned, as well as two other homeless communities in other locations (bushes). She is delivering 260 meals each afternoon (this doesn't include DOE)

Rowena has been able to facilitate donations of much needed items and delivered them to the Kamalani Kai campground

Through this work, Rowena was able to to partner with several organizations: KGEFCU, Passion Bakery, The Kauai Store, Dominoes Pizza, McDonalds, Kauai Food Bank, and get the houseless community fed during the month of April when no programs were happening. 

She is currently working on refining the feeding program as it’s anticipated to continue for the next few months. 

With our store being closed, we have no revenue for programs, salaries or bills.  If you would like to donate towards gas money, and other program needs as we continue to serve our clients in a more mobile outreach, please visit our GIVING page.