At Ho'omana, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in life.  We focus on empowering all people to be their best selves.  We do that by working with both youth and adults with basic skills and needs at various points in their lives.

Community Service Hours

Many people come to us with community service hours to complete.  We help by offering a variety of tasks in our store suited to the individual so they can work off hours in our store.  Sorting, cleaning, hanging clothes, and even yard work if that suits the skills of our client.

Judicial System Progam

We help with required hours mandated by the court system, and we help those transitioning back into society after spending time incarcerated.  Many have unique challenges in getting the basics of daily life so Ho'omana collaborates with others organizations to fill the gap.

Workwise Program

Many of our kupuna age 55+ are living on very small incomes. This program allows these clients to learn new skills and trades so the can work 19 hours or less and supplement their income to help make ends meet.

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Serving Those In Need

At Ho'omana, we not only help our youth in need, we help adults in various stages of need as well.  Many of our clients need community service hours, some need work and trade skills, others are working out time and hours as a result of the court and/or judicial system.


Many just come with basic daily human needs like towels, clothes, and things to help them survive living on the streets.

Helping The Most Needy

Here at Ho'omana, we collaborate with a variety of programs and we are striving to fill the gap of much needed services for those in low income bracket.

Many of our clients do not know how to navigate the resources available to them like medical care, dental care, vision, or how to even get paperwork needed for an ID.

Our outreach coordinator at helps people get basic services by walking with them through the process and using connections to move the process along.

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Next Steps...

If you or someone you know could benefit from assistance in any of these areas, please contact us today!