Ho'omana Thrift Store

Our Approach

Our Mission:

Ho'omana assists the emotionally, mentally, physically challenged and those with disabilities with every
opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Ho'omana is derived from the Hawaiian word:
~ Ho'o-Causive prefix (one that produces a result.
~ Mana-Authority, power, might.

Our Story

Together, Ho'omana means to place in Authority or Empower

Our Story: Who We Are

In 2002 Ho'omana's original visionaries were two women of children with special needs.

Ho'omana Founders
Rowena Contrades-Pangan & Allison Anela Rapazo Pa

Being moms of special needs children themselves, these two women saw a need for not only their families, but for the families of others on the island of Kauai.

They identified a real need for specialized learning programs for high school students that would provide basic developmental and employment skills to both youth and adults needing employable job skills.

Providing these basic skills most of take for granted gives special needs youth and adults an opportunity to success in life and learn how to be even more self sufficient.

Frustrated by the bureaucracy encountered with various organization's and state agencies, and the real need for specialized learning programs for high school students, they felt the need to establish a program that would provide basic developmental and employment skills to youth/adults in need of employable job skills.

Offered a rent-free location, Ho'omana was incorporated in October 2003 and opened a thrift store to use as a "training site" for individuals with special needs to learn basic life and job skills.

Students begin with easy tasks around the thrift store and work up to more important and difficult tasks as they progress in their development and interest.

Developing positive attitudes, self-motivation and the ability to work with little or no supervision, the students are then introduced to actual job opportunities in the community.

On the job coaching by Ho'omana staff continues to help both the student and the employer to ensure as smooth a transition to the work force as possible.

Meet the Team

Ho'omana's original visionaries were two women of children with special needs.

Frustrated with the lack of resources and frustrated with the bureaucracy, these moms joined forces to find a way to give their children what they needed.  In doing so, they discovered a need for all of Kaua'i special needs youth and adults.


Our Founders


Allison Anela Rapazo Pa

Founder & CEO

First To Work Program

Rowena Contrades Pangan

Founder & CEO

Next Steps...

If you would like to partner with Ho'omana to change more lives on our island of Kaua'i, please consider volunteering, donating household goods, and even a monetary donation if you can. We are working to expand our programs and every bit helps!


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